Case Studies / MedTech Device

Creating a new category of Medical Device for the Health & Wellness market

March 24, 2023


MedTechCo* is a startup company out of British Columbia Canada. The core team is comprised of seasoned health & tech leaders, scientists, and innovators/entreprenuers. In addition, the company has developed a structure working as a university/industry partnership to advanced lab and testing capabilities.

As a startup, one key area of focus is sales, marketing and commercialization. The business was looking to develop a strategy to enter the marketplace based on the technologies currently known capabilities.

The core questions we set out to address: What markets will engage with the device because of its value? What are the limitations across each market/channel? Does a single channel align with both short and long term vision?

Services Used

  • Digital & Advisory Services
  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Website & Webapp Development
  • Economic Modeling & Opportunity

"Working with a startup is exciting and requires flexibility and agility. We really enjoyed working with MedTechCo* over the years

Covid-19 presented a unique opportunity to work with the government on a new application for the device"

We began working with MedTechCo* early in their development to help define strategy.

What made this engagement unique was working cross-functionally with our science and university partners to align product development for the markets we intended to start with.

The entire team needed to understand and contribute to the product vision, ensuring everyone understood the capabilities of the device and the purpose of use in market.

Delivering Results


We engaged in our business development efforts and were successful in getting client interest in the product.

  • Device branding
  • New Website
  • Strong sales pipeline
  • Economic Models and projections
  • Sales & Marketing Materials