Case Studies / Local Medical Business

Engineering & designing an innovative patient care platform

March 24, 2023


MedicalAestheticCo* is a medical aesthetic clinic founded in 1989 located in Quebec City, Quebec. The company has served thousands of clients and has focused on superior service and innovative offerings.

The business was looking to digitalize more operations and modernize their look. In addition, they were offering many services and the owners had concerns the orchestration of those services may have not been as efficient as possible.

The core questions we set out to address: How might the company modify their services to more holistically cover their clients needs and improve profitability? What digital architecture would create big change early on, but also allow for scalability and flexibility as the company grows? Could we redesign their web presence to enhance the current client base experience but also attract new clients?

Services Used

  • Digital & Advisory Services
  • Analytics & AI
  • Website & Webapp Development
  • Economic Modeling & Opportunity
  • Business & Customer Profiling

"We appreciated the opportunity to work with a local 30 year business looking to reinvent themselves. Not only did we work on digital development & aesthetics, we helped the business review their services and customers in a unique way that changed what they offered, ultimately growing the business signficantly throughout the pandemic."

To understand MedicalAestheticCo* business, we worked closely with the owners to understand core values, employees, and the local market.

We interviewed the owners to fully understand the business challenges both internally and in the marketplace. We learned that the company values the client experience above all else and delivers extremely high quality and personalized service to their clients.

In our Ideation and Discovery phase, we uncovered that the digital footprint was a key component to improving operations and strategically important in the upcoming years. In addition, there was a vast amount of data we could analyze to discover wthe services clients valued most balanced with the operational resources required.

After architecting the digital ecosystem, our team developed an entire suite of applications fully custom to meet the unique challenges MedicalAestheticCo* faced. We provided testing phases and reviews along the way, ensuring we were fully aligned with their core values.

Once completed, we delivered all the products and training required in addition to our ongoing support of the applications built.

Delivering Results


After careful deliberation and balancing budget versus value, we were able to deliver a suite of digital products for the company alongside business insights that drove growth.

  • Fully customized Website
  • Custom CRM solution
  • Fully customized Admin portal for Virtual visits
  • Analytic insights focused on Customer & Service profiling
  • Web Application Text-Messaging system for client coaching