Case Studies / International Healthcare & Life Sciences Company Entrance to Public Markets & Digital Expansion

Enterprise-wide digital transformation & new digital product development

March 24, 2023


HealthCo* is a U.S. based parent company, and current publicly-traded on the Nasdaq Capital Markets, with both U.S. and Canadian based wholly owned subsidiaries. Currently, the Company’s revenue is generated solely by services and products provided by a team of multidisciplinary primary care clinicians and practitioners in Canada.

HealthCo* is a company in aggresive expansion and was in need of digital technology leadership and direction. Our challenge was to review the company's current operating platforms and build a strategic digital plan to accomodate the current needs of the company and also develop a unique and innovative technology platform for growth.


  • Digital Advisory
  • Analytics & AI
  • Website & Webapp Development
  • Product Strategy & Innovation

"HealthCo* has a strong vision for the future of healthcare and we needed to bring the "how" to the organization alongside the development and oversight of all digital. The organization is a combination of many subsidiaries and our services need to deliver across the entire enterprise."

Dr Barus, Founder & President

Organizational discovery sessions combined with the CEO's vision led our strategic process

After meetings with the existing executive team, we architected a digital roadmap to address baseline needs to maintain business operations and become more efficient as well as deliver on key areas of growth. In sync with the sales and operations teams, we began delivering high impact digital solutions.

In parallel to operating systems, the company needs including website and webap development across many company lines. Our team drove discussions with executives to define the vision of a unique healthcare application, branding across businesses, and creating efficiencies across subsidiaries.

A complete overhaul with far-reaching results and efficiencies


We continue to build upon our digital expansion for HealthCo*.

  • Innovative new healthcare web application
  • 5 custom-built websites with fully integrated architecture
  • Delivered enterprise-wide management and communication system
  • Automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Migrated all existing architecture to new systems
  • Preparation and delivery to publically traded market