Case Studies / National Pharmacy Policy During Covid-19

Driving industry-wide practice change during pandemic

March 24, 2023


NationalPolicyOrg* focuses on advocating for pro-patient and pro-pharmacy public policy; communicating the value of community pharmacy as the face of neighborhood healthcare; and fostering business community and solutions through effective meetings and other member programs.

NationalPolicyOrg* represents traditional drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchants with pharmacies. Chains operate nearly 40,000 pharmacies, and the 80 chain member companies include regional chains, with a minimum of four stores, and national companies. Chains employ nearly 3 million individuals, including 155,000 pharmacists. They fill over 3 billion prescriptions yearly, and help patients use medicines correctly and safely, while offering innovative services that improve patient health and healthcare affordability. NationalPolicyOrg* members also include more than 900 supplier partners and over 70 international members representing 21 countries.

NationalPolicyOrg* was seeking a strategic thinker who could bring a wide-variety of expertise in pharmacy to help architect policy change and deliver insightful analytics. We were selected to that position just prior to Covid-19 and were initially tasked with several high-impact initiatives. As the pandemic began, our focus shifted to federal policy and collaboration with the White House and other government bodies.

Services Used

  • Product Strategy & Innovation
  • Analytics & AI

"NationalPolicyOrg* is at the front-lines of policy change for pharmacy. I was honored to assist in many areas which ultimately drove industry-wide change across policy and reimbursement for pharmacies and pharmacists both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic."

- Dr Barus, Founder & President

Other Work